Flying Show Room

With our „Flying Showroom“ we offer you a thousand and one night feeling – while not with a flying carpet, but with a flying suitcase containing our latest collection.
The pieces available in the suitcase can be purchased immediately.

Our Flying Showroom is available for many events and occasions:


– Flying Showroom-Stylingparty

– Your personal Flying Showroom

– Flying Showroom for visually impaired fashion lovers

– Flying Showroom for boutiques

– Flying Showroom for hair and beauty salons


Flying Showroom-Stylingparties

After work or when the children are in bed a Styling-Party gives you the possibility to enjoy and shop together with friends in a relaxed atmosphere.
If you want to join or organize a party please contact us through the form below.

Your personal Flying Showroom

You plan to invest in a few pieces of the new Michaela Rummer collection? One of our stylists will gladly open a pop-up boutique exclusively for you. Just send us a message via the contact form.

Flying Showroom for visually impaired fashion lovers – feeling rather than looking

We are happy to organize Styling parties or free pop-up-boutiques for partially sighted fashion lovers. You can touch the collection parts, feel the quality of the materials and get a feeling of the manufacture and design.
Naturally we will describe the pieces in detail and give personally tailored advice.
If you are interested in our service as an individual or as an association, please contact us under the enclosed form.

Flying Showroom for boutiques

Are you looking for an event to invite your customers to your boutique, to offer something unique and maybe even attract the attention of the local press?
We can offer you our Flying Showroom –with or without one of our lovely stylists, always with guaranteed sales margins for you.
Please feel free to contact us under marketing@one-ness.de

Flying Showroom for hair and beauty salons

When does a woman love her shopping? When she feels good and looks great, which is the case after she has put herself in your hands.
We would happily offer your clients a Flying Showroom – with or without a stylist – as an after-beauty shopping delight.
Besides the advantages of customer bonding and care these events guarantee you additional income.
Please contact us under marketing@one-ness.de.

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